Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Vision of Venus Splash by Tim Conrad

 Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #4 was an amaz'n magazine (more later?), but this has always stood out to me as the visual peak


  1. As I remember, that magazine is a goldmine of good stuff, though for some reason I also remember it being sorta dull. Maybe it was the writing?

    1. That is so spot on. I was looking for this image, which I love, and kinda half-heartedly started searching for the magazine amongst my stuff. It was a half-hearted search because I remember never think'n of it as a "keeper," that is, not something I would hang onto during my life-long obsession of distilling my collection down to the purest, smallest crystalization. And it contains the fourth version of Encounter At War by Corben. So I was pleasantly surprised to find I hadnae weeded it out