Saturday, July 10, 2021

Attuma Attacks! by Jack Kirby

First image is the first time we saw this, as a panel in Fantastic Four #33


  1. Has anyone ever explained the bunny ears?

    1. Hah! That's a fascinate'n question. I recall some antennae on a Kirby helmet coming off and becoming weapons, but I dunnae recall whose helmet that was. The reason that resonates for me, however, is because Attuma is firstly strong and vicious, but right behind that, he is very techno-weaponry vicious. The more I look at the original helmet, thopugh, Jack was obviously trying to create a barbaric helmet based on the head of some denizen of the deep that Attuma had once slain (much like land-dwelling barbarians might wear the head of a lion or ape or some horned animal's skull). I only kept two appearances of Attuma myself, FF#33 and Sub-mariner #4 vol 1. While John Buscema did an amaz'n job on the early Silver Surfers and Sub-mariners, I was slightly bummed to see him trade in Attuma's skull helmet for a forged helmet, replacing bunny ears with blender blades