Monday, January 18, 2021

Conan by P. Craig Russell

 First time I saw this was when I bought Savage Tales #4, and gotta say I was a little miffed.  This is a mini poster that is on the inside covers.  I bagged and boarded the mag years ago, so I see the great Neal Adams cover a ton, but hardly ever see this, and only by holding up the magazine guts and looking down.  Also, mad at myself for recalling this in color somewhere, but havenae a clue where


  1. This is a beautiful piece! It was sold to a collector friend of mine at the "75 Buffalo Comicon where it was first displayed in the art room. I purchased a beautiful Paul Gulacy pinup at the time.(I think you may have posted it some time ago!) I sold it a couple of years ago.

    1. Che cool to see a comment like yours! It just enriches the artwork for me when I hear some history and/or details. Still never made it to a convention, but those seventies cons sound amazeballs. If you have a moment, tell me some specs on the Gulacy pin-up, and I would do a bigger better faster stronger on it. Onea the reasons I do so much on Jack Kirby's original Black Book Valentine to his wife Roz, is because I found it nestled away in the back of a mega store, bought it for a song, and years later, sold it for party money on ebay. Maybe my biggest regret, but all in all, this stuff has been a way fun ride