Saturday, January 16, 2021

Some Random Favorite Covers

 The last two have an interest'n tale.  Twenty years ago, I was new to ebay, and discovered Fantastic Fanzine #12 (the Kline cover) was for sale for a low opening bid, and nobody else bid on it, but I received Fantastic Fanzine #11 (the Steranko cover) instead.  Even back then, FF #11 was typically very pricey, and my copy is pristine, so sweet sweet.  Soon after, I won another low bid for FF #12


  1. Nice picture of the Black Condor, a character remembered by normal people because he was drawn by the great Lou Fine, and by me because he had the dumbest origin story ever. He could fly because he was raised by condors in a bird nest, and he just kept trying until he got it right. That's it. Apparently the only reason you and I can't fly is because we were raised by humans who told us we couldn't.

    1. Hah! That's awesome! New car commercial is the horse raised by mountain goats that grew up to be a Bronco SUV! Everyone may have started with Kipling's Jungle Book, but even Mowgli useta freak me out