Saturday, January 23, 2021

Conan by Roy Krenkel

 First is the non-existent Scarlet Citadel frontis, from a dream book (to me) that woulda been as lavish as Roy's Sowers a Thunder.  If you can direct me to more, please holla


  1. He was working on this when he died. There are a few more small Conan pieces in that recent IDW book. And The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard by James Van Hise, which I've not seen, lists in its contents a Scarlet Citadel portfolio by Krenkel, so there may be somewhere on line where you can view it. Sowers of the Thunder was great; did you know he changed some of the art for the Zebra paperback?

    1. Thanks for all the great info! I had no idea about changes, but I only have the paperback