Thursday, January 28, 2021

Cap'n Weird Weirdo by Wally Wood

 Wally could really see into my essence, as this obscure doodle among his notes clearly shows


  1. I'd love to know the date on this. My uneducated guess is that he was figuring out Menthor, who also had that circular motif on his "cybernetic helmet".

    1. You are so spot on, dunnae if we're ready for your educated guesses! This is only dated as to the year-1965-but, yes, the notes on here are all about character creations, and definitely saw the fruition in Thunder Agents #1 from November 1965, as well as Unearthly Spectacular #2 from December 1966. You can read the whole page at Heritage Auctions if you search Wally Wood Miracles, Inc. It's a fascinat'n page, but my favorite character note is about Manlet (from the Miracles, Inc. story in Unearthly). Wally calls him a "Tiny Giant," which I love, but, after all, I'm Cap'n Weird Weirdo

    2. What a cool artifact; he was working on everything at once. In one of those Woodwork newsletters I remember him talking about working on an idea he had for a new superhero as "not just any superhero...this is THE superhero." I sure would've been interested in sketches on that. Maybe they'll show up sometime.

    3. Wow, never heard about that, but totally makes sense. If Wally took all his Thunder agents combined, added the ability to be any size from tiny to gigantor, that would be the Universal hero from the first line of this note page. Woodman VS Superman woulda shook the cosmos