Saturday, January 9, 2021

Back To The Future With Overstreet Price Guide #9

 The fun has arrived, just 42 years too late.  Few posts back I said I was spring'n for this, and che glad I did.  Not only the Wally Wood cover and his Wizard King Ad (compare how I can see clearly now), but right next to the ad is this beautiful Al Williamson intro to the EC covers!  Seen the Williamson piece before (one the non-Flash by Al that rocks), but not so so vivid.  Then, a few pages later, a Neal Adams logo for Atlantis Fantasyworld that I've never seen, which led me to Mykal.  Now, if only the price guide prices were like a calendar, and rolled around every seven years, I'd be all set.  1979 found me on the Navajo reservation, so I saw nothing at all the first time around.  More on the guide later 

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