Thursday, September 24, 2020

Coupla Spooky Jeff Jones Covers

Dunnae recall seeing unsigned works by Jeff Jones, but they are definitely him



  1. Yeas, they are, though The Laughing Ghost actually is signed - right along the edge of her cape, looking like a row of button loops in this somewhat too dark scan. And there are a few more obscure gothics with unsigned Jones covers that I don't think I've ever seen here:
    The Witches of Brimstone Hill, Helen Arvonen, Fawcett, 1971
    Pawn of Evil, Audrey Leech, Pyramid, 1971
    The Witches of Omen, Audrey Leech, Pyramid, 1971

    A couple

    1. Wow, totally missed that--thanks! And I appreciate the info....I can see I "gotta get my Jones on"