Monday, September 14, 2020

Landon Chesney

Thanks to flash and Russ for giving me this name from my last post.  Never even saw the sci-fi art, and the horror art is onea those hauntings from the headshops, saw it, dug it, but it wasnae Corben, so I dinnae cough up the half a buck


  1. But Corben was in that Weird Fantasies ish. It was one of those undergrounds that felt halfway like a fanzine. The Chesney story was a fanzine reprint.Also contained Nick Cuti's Starchild, which was supposed to be sexy, but was kinda disturbing-looking.

    1. Drat! And I really dug that cover, but I never even opened it! Typical me, but now I'm add'n that to my time-travel shopping list