Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dancer From Atlantis by Frank Frazetta

Just had some collector's serendipity on this book.  I saw it last year at Tattered Books in Grand Island, Nebraska (anybody seen Bruce Dern in Nebraska?), but it was in pretty bad shape and seven bucks, so I Pasadena'd on getting it, then often regretted that this past winter.  When I realized I was passing through on Monday, I decided if it was still there, I would get it.  Grand Island's downtown, however, is pretty sleepy, and most shops, including Tattered Books, are closed on Mondays.  Rats! says I, trying to peer in a dark window.  Four days later, tonight, we're sitting at an outdoor pub in Lafayette, Colorado, when I see across the street two little neon signs--Open and Books.  And there it was, a pristine copy for five bucks....nice

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