Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Fun With Fanzines

More like more fun with Prozines.  Guess which Jack Kirby I had never seen before


  1. Well, I hadn't seen the Batman/Cap drawing.

    BTW, from hints dropped on his twitter page, Steranko is premiering his long awaited Vanguard book at San Diego Comic Con.

    I'm actually here to plug a new website from a friend of mine. Stuart Hopen wrote comics for DC and others, had a science fiction novel published by Tor Books and has a new series of pulp novels in progress. Back in the 80's I illustrated a comic of his called Daemon Mask, which he has up on his site along with other engaging and peculiar stuff.

    He's sorta in the wilderness now, so a comment would be welcome, and if you like what you see, a link would be awesome. It's called Celestial Cities of Magic and Science and here's the link:


  2. wrong-I had never seen the Darksied sketch. I'm too low tech to know of these links you speak of, but I will at least put it up in a more visible form