Monday, July 14, 2014

First Comic Book Art by Barry Smith

Just aquired this again the other day (like the fourth time in a collecting life no-ways tame), and the consensus at the shop I was at was--well, it went like this:  Girl at counter, "Hey, the Buyer's Guide says this is Barry Smith's first work!"  (oh, oh, thinks I, the price is going up)  Girl's co-worker #1, "no, he'd already done short stories in Chamber of Darkness."  Snooty customer #1, "well, maybe his first American work."  Girl's co-worker #2,  "maybe it's just his first MARVEL work."  Snooty customer #2, "he prefers to be called Windsor-Smith."    ----ANYhoo, I guess this is his first comic work, and so this unused draft of the cover would be his firstest first

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