Saturday, July 5, 2014

My World by Wally Wood

I keep comparing the original art to a colorized version some forty years afterwards, and I still gotta go with the dull, drab original art.  Wally's magnum opus!  I heard my favorite movie, Casablanca, was once colorized, but I have no desire to even check it out


  1. Bhob Stewart's restoration of the clumsily censored Wood book that Two Morrows published is called "His World" and will have the edited out stuff put back as well as new material. Fantagraphics plans on releasing it early next year; it's already up for reserve on Amazon.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Now, if you can only find new books on Barry Smith, Berni Wrightson, Jim Steranko, and Jack Kirby, that'd be hog heaven

  3. Well, there's the Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio by Mark Evanier, a smaller sized version of the Artists' Editions.