Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Man in the Mailbag by Wally Wood

 I dunnae often get an item off eBay, but when I do...I drink Dos Equis.  Ooops! I mean I get sumpn I reallyreally want (I'm definitely not The Most Interesting Man in the World).  A while back, Russ informed me that the fanzine cover for Collage #1 was originally an April 1959 Galaxy illo, so I decided to buy it, and here it is!  Also, it had three illos for Kingslayer, and a humorous illo for Security Plan.  Always dug the inter-stellar card game on the cover, but all that's gravy now that we can see those mailbags


  1. Ach du Lieber, that's a beauty indeed. It's always a jolt when I mention something and it manifests so quickly (hasn't worked with Cardi B just yet). Back in the elder days when I had access to a decent used book store you could find quite a few fan artists in the SF pulps, like Kaluta, Adkins, Bode and Jones. I used to pick up old issues of Analog just for the gorgeous Kelly Freas art.

    1. Oh my heck, yes, tis a great Galaxy. Thanks for the memories! As you know, I'm always look'n for post ideas that fire me up (still plan'n to attack Bill Black's golden age stuff), and you just gave me another one