Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Spock by Vaughn Bode

While work'n on a bigger thing, I saw this Spock again, and thought I wanted to put it up lickety-split, but the other images are a taste of what I'm digging on currently, and speak'n of Worlds Of If, check out this Wally Wood.  We been groov'n on the Galaxy illos for quite some time, and it's fun to find Wally in somea the other sci-fi mags


  1. I like where this is going. I feel so lucky to have lived around this time. Print media were so willing to be strange and experimental...even a mainstream magazine like Galaxy thought it was a good idea (for a while, anyway) to run Bode's perverted Sunpot strip. Did you ever see the Funny Papers, the color tabloid that was on newsstands in the mid-70's with Bode's Coco Crow?

    1. Never caught that one (course now that you mentioned it, I looked it up, and what a "far-out" idea). My running excuse is 74 to 79 was lost to the media during college and teach'n for a year on the Navajo reservation. At one point, I remember say'n right on to the "kill your television" concept