Wednesday, March 1, 2023

An Incredible Ad From RBCC #80

Just inside this delightful Richardson cover of Doc Strange was the ad for the fanzine I'll Be Damned #3 .  The original pages here said, "web-one too many" instead of Out On A Limb.  The story was in IBD #4, and there was no #3, and I believe the Frankenstein picture in this ad is from the fanzine Scream Door, so now I'm all confuzzled, and I apologize to Russ on my comment on my IBD #1 post, where I tried to straighten it all out.  "Remove the plank from your own eye before you worry about the splinter in another's eye."  Guess Reality wasnae the only fanzine to reap some harvest from unused Web O Horror


  1. Don't worry, I don't understand it either. I'm beginning to think Web of Horror # 4 was going to be a 100 pager. But I guess we'll see when Fantagraphics releases the collection this fall with the unpublished pages.

    1. Wowsers, you rock it again! I was totally clueless, and this looks like a fantasy of mine. For several years I was think'n I wish my buddy John was around from early seventies high school. We took all the Steranko Nick Furys and bound them together, and a wrap-around cover was the every other covers from Strange Tales. Twas cloughed and roughed, but awesome. If we had access to Web O Horror (and knew about all the fanzine tie-ins), we probably woulda done a similar