Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Again With The Nightwalker by John Fantucchio

So, today was a very good day (dinnae haveta use my AK, as Ice Cube would rhyme).  About a year ago, I posted the second and third images here from Gosh Wow #2, and you may have noticed, for years before that I've been quite fundundant with that fanzine's Wally Wood back cover.  Well, today I see an eBay listing for GW 2 with three pictures of the Nightwalker (new to me is the fourth image here), and my only lament is they aren't big/clear enough, well...later today I took a fanzine to the bathroom (I've become my pops, except he took the sports section from the newspaper), and I've randomly chosen The Collector #26, and about in the middle, as big as you wanna (please embiggen) is the Nightwalker!  Che nice.  Only let-down on this co-inky-dink is, when you see GW 2 on the checklist on, it says there were FOUR illos for Nightwalker.   Another mission

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