Monday, August 15, 2022

Twoillos by George Metzger Via Russ

Last post, Russ not only led me to great Juanillo illos, he also turned me onto the fanzine Promethean Enterprises (first illo) and reminded me of the great Metzger cover from the way-back


  1. So they did have some art in those Jerry Bails zines. I only got the last couple of issues of Promethean, so I've never seen either of these wonderful pieces. Metzger was serializing a comic called Panoply Mind; I wonder if he ever finished it? And more importantly, did he ever get paid for any of the hundreds of pages of art he produced for fandom?

    1. Wow, thanks again! You know how I love me some Metzger, so now I'm on the prowl for Panoply and any insights to a salary