Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Another Mysterious Hero by John Fantucchio

 John really put the fan in fanzine, and I can't believe I'm still see'n more Mysterious images after all these years (search mysterious Fantucchio on here for a boatload more).  Vapo Man, Amaz'n Man, and The Flag aren't too shabby neither


  1. Further Fantucchio in this month's Ink Stains, Cap.

    1. Yeah, thanks! Fortunately (or unfortunately?) , I've possessed The Collector #26 since I first discovered eBay and that it was chock full of fanzines. This one not only has some great Fantucchio (I love the colorized Mysterious Hero from the earlier TBG cover), but amaz'n Ditko, and the only place I've seen the unpublished panel from Gil Kane's His Name Is Savage #2 that I've obsessed over for many moons. May have said it before, but I hope at some point Ken does a PDF of Infinity #1 and/or Comic Crusader #9

  2. It's "fortunately" for sure; that's a tasty zine to have. Congrats.