Saturday, January 29, 2022

Voice Of Comicdom 4X Rich Corben

 Just saw the first image, and the second image was only for the mailing envelope (!?), but both amazeball Corben


  1. Damn, if only we'd known half of what was out there for anyone to buy. Seems insane that you could just drop a couple of bucks in the mail and things like this would show up at your door.

    1. Oh, man, your comment really hit a nerve. I spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time thinking about this, and you may have noticed I obsess on the mailing envelopes and ads. We probably will eventually see every fanzine we missed (I dunnae what you sitch was, but I was an Army brat), but I doubt we'll see all this extraneous stuff that could've easily gotten tossed as trash (one man's trash...)