Monday, January 31, 2022

Jack Kirby Unchained

 and I always thought it was Unleashed


  1. The original Kirby Unleashed was published and copyrighted in 1971 by Communicators Unlimited and republished in 2004 by TwoMorrows Publishing. I don't know what's on the inside, but the cover art for this Kirby Unchained was used without permission.

  2. I have both. The original 1971 version is 44 pages including covers. As I recall produced by Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman, whatever publisher name they called themselves.

    The 2004 version was re-published by TwoMorrows, and is 64 pages including covers, with a slightly altered front cover logo.

    I think the wraparound cover is possibly the single best image Kirby has done, and that's saying quite a bit.

    As beautiful as the KIRBY UNLEASHED portfolio is, I still much prefer the images and text in the JACK KIRBY MASTERWORKS book, published in the same format, likewise with text by Mark Evanier.