Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Starcon 4 Program Cover by Jim Steranko

Had the second image up in the wayback, but cannae find this cover on here (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).  Leads me to some thoughts (oh-oh, be careful, Cap'n!  contents under pressure!) :

Are convention programs considered fanzines?  This one is only 12 pages, so a true program, but even the programs beefed up with a lotta art strike me as not quite fanzines.

Why are comics and Star Trek so buddy-buddy?  I'm obsessed with certain comic book artists, but they seem to have zilch to do with Star Trek.  And vicey-versa.

Where else was this image used?  Cannae remember last week, but I do recall seeing this as more than the Starcon cover


Later that same day:  Russ cleared it up for me.  I first saw this as the club mailer art.  Also recall it in an adzine article, but that one is also lost to the ages for me

Even later that same day:  okay, not lost to the ages, just nestled way back in my Steranko files.  I believe this was in an issue of Amaz'n Heroes


  1. I believe it was the envelope art for the Brotherhood of Bronze membership kit (hence the brown ink); it may have also been used in one of those all-poster issues of Mediascene, but I'm not sure. The similar Shadow presentation piece he did for DC (which you've probably seen in a dozen places) was used for the Shadow Secret Society kit.

    1. Bros of Bronze! Acourse! You ARE my memory as far as I'm concerned, since I dunnae have one of my own. Adding that and the Shadow mailer, which yer right is part of his presentation to DC before he found out they would edit him to death. The Shadow piece definitely appeared in a Comixscene/Mediascene poster ish, but not so much the Doc piece