Saturday, May 22, 2021

Splish-Splash'n On A Saturday Night

"Splish-splash I was tak'n a bath, long about a Saturday was I to know there was a party goin on?"  Trivia point:  2 firsts and a last in this random group.  If you dunnae all 3, Cap'n will be forced to send you back to the naval academy


  1. Well, there's Frank Frazetta's last comic story (give or take an ad or 1 p. filler), and Neal Adams' first story for Marvel. The other first could be the first issue of Creepy, the first Barry Smith Conan in all but name, the first issue of the 1967 Blue Beetle series (though not the first Ditko Ted Cord Blue Beetle appearance, that was in Captain Atom 83), or even the first appearance of Gog, who has apparently recently become a regular character since Spider-Man shrank him to monkey size and now keeps him as a house pet.

    1. Wow, you definitely nailed it. I was think'n all that, and possibly the first latter day Wally Wood he did sans assistants. Dunnae keep up with Spidey w/o my boys doing the art, but it sounds cool--almost an Aladdin/Abu vibe (a buddy from Ethiopia is named Abu, by the by)