Friday, May 28, 2021

Sea Devils Grey Tone Covers by Russ Heath

In the not-so-distant, on a post about the first Swamp Thing Cover, the other Russ explained this whole thing, but I was a lit major, and it sounds way too technical to me, so I'll stick with grey tone.  Always dug Triton on a seahorse


  1. You may not understand it, but I know you get it.

    1. Yeah, sometimes I'm like Penny on Big Bang, I'm pick'n up all this stuff almost like osmosis, and sometimes I surprise even myself. All I know is, I once held that Triton Sea Devils in my hand years ago at a little shop, and it's been onea my big comic regrets ever since. I fed myself some nonsense that Heath wasnae one of my magnificent seven, so it wouldn't fit in my collection. Speak'n of osmosis, not getting that Sea Devils was insane in the membrane

  2. Such good covers! They stood above the often sill DC covers of that era