Thursday, May 20, 2021

Conan by Billy Graham

 First the original, then as it appeared in Fantastic, a pulp-like(?) magazine from my teens, then as it looked in the great fanzine Phase 1 (or Phase, as one was all we saw).  The touch of grey hair in the original makes sense, as the story in Fantastic was about the old King Conan and his son, Conn.  Definitely not Robert E. Howard stuff, but we took what we could get


  1. I remember a Jones Conan cover on an issue of Fantastic; the Conan story inside may have been denCamp/Carter. Or as Woody said "L. Sprague de Freeb."

  2. Yeah, that was a beauty Jeff Jones, and you are spot on on deCamp/Carter. They were cranking out a ton of opportunafish which, as Frazetta said, stunk