Sunday, November 8, 2020

Still Desperately Seeking Subby by Jack Kirby

In the not so distant, I said I'd love to see this Sub-Mariner illo better from a page in Marvelmania Catalog #1, and I'm still luckless on that (although the Doc Doom and Iron Man illos from that same page are nicely shown here).  Around the same time, Jack gave Subby a prominent spot for his Esquire magazine splash, and then a tiny Subby again for the Marvelmania letterhead....heavy sigh



  1. Did you see that the original art, for the Marvelmania stickers, with the Sub-Mariner you like on it, is posted here: and perhaps you could prevail on the owner, to send you a better scan?

    1. Thanks, yeah, I'd seen that a few weeks ago, and it's angled and tiny, but I like your idea...stay tuned...