Sunday, November 15, 2020

Chane Of The Elder Earth by Gil Kane

This is from the back of The Savage Sword of Conan #63, and there were only two more back-up stories  in #64 and #67, all just a blip in 1981.  Still cannae recall how I hit on it, since I only collected the first five issues of the magazine, but che glad I did stumble upon this



  1. I damn well missed these. Hard to tell from a couple of panels, but does it look like it might've been unused Gullivar Jones or Blackmark to you?

    1. Great to hook you up like that, and I'll put up the complete Chane when I get some time (soon, I hope), but Chane is definitely blonde, and definitely not on Mars. You can be the judge when you see all of all three stories, but it's apparently an entirely seperate creation that we never even heard of. In my defense, the early eighties was my disco-era, and I missed everything comics-wise

    2. Disco days! Does that mean you wore those funny pants on the dance floor?

    3. I dinnae think bell-bottoms were funny, I thought they were cool! They went perfectly with my silken shirts. The guys all looked like foppish pirates on the dance floor