Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Desperately Seeking Subby by Jack Kirby

Okay, I dunnae usually beg (alright, alright, so I beg alla time!), but does anyone know how I can see this image better of Sub-Mariner with a trident?  It appeared in Marvelmania catalog #1, which was filled with fantastic color.  I especially like the ad for the Silver Surfer poster.  Somehow, by the time the poster actually came out, the colors were nowhere near those in the ad.  And a year later, Marvelmania catalog #2 was all black'n white.  So, back to The Sub-Mareener, as we useta say.  Please hook the Cap'n up if you know of a better image



  1. Looking at these posters now, I wonder why did I only order set B, and not A as well? (They are still rolled up somewhere in the basement!)

    1. Wow, I would love to explore your basement! Said it before, but I missed all this Marvel madness because my Army dad was touring the world then