Saturday, November 14, 2020

Antithesis by Neal Adams

Guess this would be the opposite of Deja Vu, in that it was foretold that the Cap'n would once again be so broke that he cannae even pay attention.  oh my heck



  1. I would never buy this because it was written by Waid, who is -insert words too vile for this blog. Seriously.

    1. No clue, but thanks for the heads-up. Dunnae if you can tell, but I don't get current stuff, anyways

    2. I wait for the semi annual comic con in Minnesota, where I can usally pick up newer comics for 50 cents. They may be banged up a bit, but so am I!

    3. We have a similar deal at the local shop (where I havenae been in a while, for some reason...). Boxes and boxes of overstock for 50 cents, or 3 for a buck on Mondays