Monday, August 17, 2015

Wonder Woman by Jack Kirby

I only know two things for certain about this piece:
A)  It's Wonder Woman, and
2)  It's amaz'n
If you know ANYTHING else about this, please holla


  1. I know Kirby worked on an animation presentation for WW, so this may have been part of it.

    On a related note, there was a panel transcript in an old issue of the Kirby collector with some hustlers who were developing Kirby's animation concepts for production. They were supposed to be releasing a coffee-table book of the mountains of concept art created during Kirby's stint at Ruby-Spears. but I guess they were just blowing smoke.

    There is a ton of large-size full color presentations out there with original characters, weird vehicles, and story ideas. Some of it was reproduced at micro-size for the Jack Kirby Unpublished Archives card set, but this stuff, like all of Kirby, deserves the Galactus-sized treatment.

  2. Thanks, Russ! I know what you mean about the card set, and have been enlarging and posting various ones over the years, just never knew WW was an animation possibility, and felt this was VERY different from the Super Powers WW stuff