Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Art Of Jack Kirby by Jack Kirby

Another great post title that has some splain'n to do.  This is the poster art promoting the coffee table book, but it really is the best thing to come out of the whole thing.  I know early on in his career John Morrow said The Art Of was the best Kirby book out there, but I must disagree.  The cover was done by the Ninja Turtle guys, not Jack, and I got nothing against the Ninja Turtle guys, but you can't search them on here (well, YEAH, Now you can, but I'm just say'n) then we open it up, and half the massive tome is early stuff, and not the best early stuff, in my opine, and much of the end of the book is tributes to Jack.  Tributes, smizbutes, the best tribute to Kirby is look'n at what HE did.  Great poster, but the best Kirby book?  A 25 cent comic----New Gods #7

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