Monday, August 10, 2015

The Beginnings Of The Demon by Jack Kirby

A Sprite (I assume she's a sprite, cuz her hair is way too black) recently pointed out that if I was such a huge Kirby fan, where were all my Demon posts?  I must confess I've basically only put up some of The Demon #2 in the past (a great comic, methinks), so here is how it all started---first the concept sketch after a dinner party, then the pencilled, inked, and published covers.  My published cover is not unique with the residue ink line running through the O in the title and Etrigan's left thigh-this cover used a ton of ink.  Note the Fourth World blurb on the pencils....mayhap Jack wanted to replace Jimmy Olsen with this, and Etrigan hanging with Orion, Scott Free, and the Forever Peeps woulda been che cool

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