Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Yellow Pages (Let Your Fingers Do The Walk'n)

Most fun I've had (on a post) in a long time.  And orange you glad I dinnae limit it to pure yellow?  Waaaay too lazy to name every artist, so let me know if you don't recognize somebody.  Several treasures nestled in here, but I think for one thing it's the first time in this half decade of blog'n I've had the opportunafish to put up my all-time fav cartoon character--The Amaz'n Bugs Bunny ("Oh, a wise-guy, huh?")   The Frazetta painting for Monster Mania might have also worked as a dust jacket on that old classic Yellow River by I.P. Freely....If nothing else, this has to go down as the brightest post around....did I ever mention I'm so bright my daddy useta call me son?...okay, enough already

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