Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Comixscene #1 by Jim Steranko

I can't recall which came first that summer of 1972, Steranko's new self-publication, or the cover of Doc Savage #2 (and I'll never understand why they didn't get Steranko to do the cover of Doc Savage #1), but it's real nice to see both versions.....now I wanna see the pencils


  1. I'm pretty sure Comixscene showed up first, in anticipation of the comic. My guess is that the cover art was intended for number one, but that Steranko turned it in past the deadline. Of course it was vastly superior to what they ended up using and in general the look of the book was pretty bland. I kinda liked the later Marvel magazine series,but it's probably impossible to match the visual impact of those James Bama paintings.Steranko would've had a good shot at it.

  2. Yeah, another project that makes us sigh and wonder what could have been....in many ways reminding me of The Shadow