Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Here!!!!!! by Jack Kirby

Thank you, John Morrow, for making a Cap'n dream come true!  I've been chomp'n at the bit for months over this, I know (pardon muwah), but here tis, a great mag with a great-great cover.  About twenty years ago, I sent a conglomeration to John in the hopes of getting a free issue (lame, I know, but that's me), and he sent me a very gracious note saying he had never seen the unpublished Big Barda comic book cover, and I was in Kirby Collector heaven, and I have been ever since.  The Jack Kirby Collector re-fanned a flame that felt like it had gone out, and that flame has been burn'n ever since.  As most folks know, that passion led to me starting this blog a little over five years ago (thanks also to Tony Robertson for the blog idear), and I've been having a blast ever since


  1. Love the Kirby Collector. Never miss an issue.

  2. True dat! An old bud from waaaay back told them at the comic shop to tell me hey, and I asked why he happened to be in, and they said, "oh, he only comes in for one thing anymore--The Jack Kirby Collector"