Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sonny Sumo by Jack Kirby

Probably my favorite Kirby Kreation, and I've never really said or posted much about Sonny, which, after five years of blog'n, strikes me as rather odd.  This is my fav image of him, neck and neck with the thousands of years old painting of "the warrior monk"


  1. Like many of Kirby's original characters, at first he just seemed like a fairly strong visual concept with a wonky name. When you come to the poignant ending of Sonny's story, you realize you have been face-to-face with a true mythic figure. This was a feat Kirby performed so often, it's hard to grasp how unique it is in comics or even fiction in general.

  2. True dat! Sonny Sumo is the epitome of "mythic figure" conceptionalization by Kirby, but you're right, he did it constantly, life-long, and it's a major part of why Jack himself became a mythic figure