Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mystery Odin by Jack Kirby

I've not only taken out the dialog from this panel to make it look better (Stan had jammed Waaaay too much into this tiny panel), but also to have a little fun!  Let me know where this is from first, and (in the spirit of this Marvel Age from which it was birthed) I will wing a bounc'n baby No-Prize yer way


  1. No longer have my collection, so I can't look it up. Was it the issue with Hyde and Cobra where Thor and Jane were trapped inside a time vortex until Balder could deliver some medicine ? I know Stone inked that issue.

    1. I knew this would be fun--the frame is not from Thor.

  2. Isn't it from an ad for FOOM or the MMMS ?

  3. No, it's actually from a story, just not in Thor

  4. Avengers #7 page 2, panel 5.( Curse me for a novice, I should've known.)

  5. Put on yer hard-hat, Russ! There is a bounc'n baby No-Prize wing'n your way, and you don't want any no-droppings to get you as it's landing