Thursday, June 18, 2015

Conan #12 Cover by Gil Kane

From outta nowhere, former groundskeeper.... I had no idea anyone else coulda even attempted to draw Conan, and then we got this luscious issue, and soon after, #17 and #18


  1. I know you have an affection for BWS, Cap'n, but for me, although his Conan was lush & detailed & evocative of a time & place steeped in magic & mysticism, it never (other than the famous pin-up of Conan in the rain atop a pile of foes, which was pretty much his Conan swan song anyway, if memory serves) had the brutality which was present in the REH stories, his Conan was just too damn pretty. So for me, it'll always be Buscema, closely followed by Gil Kane. That said, I never liked that huge necklace he continued to draw following BWS's lead.

  2. Welp, diff'rent strokes (pen strokes?) for diff'rent folks, but the great thing out of this is we have it all to gaze upon. Personally, I useta dream about Frazetta coming to Marvel and saying he'd dive back into comics if they gave him Conan