Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Jules Verne Album Covers by Wally Wood

High camp has something like quadruple entende, but embiggen the first image and you'll swear you've been to the moon.  Please note on the ad the albums were put out by Cap'n Company (yeah, baby, that's what I'm talk'n bout!  I can't think of a better name for a company)


  1. Wood ( I guess with Adkins here) had a way of creating quintessential "Comic Book" images, or maybe he just defined the look by what he did in the fifties. I get the same buzz from his Fu Manchu and Jungle Jim comics. A classic look.

    But Captain Company was the name of Warren Publishing's mail order department, not necessarily the producers of those records. Batman movie serials, Jeff Jones jigsaw puzzles, Conan paperbacks, life-size Vampirella posters and all of the other junk advertized in the back of Creepy and the other mags were all ordered through Captain Company. You should've gotten some royalty checks by now.

  2. Junk??? Not only were these album covers amaz'n, but the Jeff Jones jigsaws (see that post, please) blew-my-mind. My patent attorney bud says I can't change Captain Company to Cap'n Company all willy-nilly and expect royalties, but thanks for the thought

  3. Ebay, of course, is always a good start, but if you get a chance to visit the used record shops, it would be a kick to just pull em out of the bins (that's how I found Frazetta's Molly Hatchets, Corben's Meatloaf, and Barry Smith's Byrds). Fun mission, though