Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Master Print of SHIELD #4 by Jim Steranko

Here's a nifty little item Marvel did back in the day--master prints of some of their greatest covers.  This is the only one I got, but it's a beaut.  Still don't know why these three images have three diff faces, but I'm hop'n Steranko experts (Tony?) can help me out with that.  Personally, I still prefer the face on the published cover, even though you might ask , "why the long face?"  Also wonder'n if Steranko drew all three faces, and if there's even more out there


  1. Marvel tended to use interns with little art training to re-ink incomplete artwork used in reprints in the 1980s/90s/early 2000s if they lost the original films or photostats, usually because they were sent overseas for foreign reprints and were never returned.

  2. Makes a lotta sense, and explains why I'm so enamored with the published cover VS the other two