Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some Masonite Paintings by Frank Frazetta

Has anyone else used masonite board for a canvas?  Genius


  1. I read a story somewhere about the 'Neanderthals' painting. This was from Frazetta himself & as best as I can remember he said the he was running late with getting it done because he'd just moved house. Anyway, the time came when it was due the next day (Monday) & he hadn't even made a start on it, unfortunately there wasn't a scrap of artboad anywhere in the house, so he just ripped up a piece of the flooring from the new house, & stayed up all night to paint that iconic image on that.

  2. Sounds like Fritz to me. However he did it, I'm so glad he discovered masonite for some of his paintings

  3. Here's a quote from Steranko's "How I Paint the Shadow" as published in Mediascene:

    I prefer to take about three days to complete a cover. I paint the Shadow covers on 24" x 30" Masonite board, 1/8" thick. Before painting, I prepare the surface with three coats of white Gesso applied in opposing directions for complete coverage. This gives the paint a surface to hold on to.

    Steranko goes on to explain how he used carbon paper to transfer a detailed pencil drawing to the board. Essentially, he's making pictures using an amplified comic book drawing technique,and coloring a tone drawing. Frazetta was painting in a more classical manner, which accounts for the sense of volume and depth that he could get on a tiny paperback cover image. I bet Steranko saw some of those Masonite masterpieces in person and picked up on it.

  4. Wow-thanks for the edumacation! I had no idea Steranko ALSO painted on masonite. Now you've got me wondering about others....