Friday, January 3, 2014

Some Pencils by Jack Kirby


  1. Wow, that first one... defines Kirby's genius. There's no way a horse could pull its front legs that far apart... The anatomy is wrong, still it's perfect within its own logic, its own design. It never comes out as "baldy" drawn, How did he do that? Decades of polishing a personal vision. Again , genius.

    1. Check'n out the old blog, eh? That one is a year ago, but you hit on one of my all-time favorite Kirby pieces in Prester John (by the way, methinks you meant badly instead of "baldy," but poorly would be more appropriate). Luv hearing from you, dude. Out of all my "fav" artists, Jack drew the best horses--big and wild and (you're right) defying the laws of horse anatomy, but some of those decades you mentioned were spent drawing westerns and Thor, both of which had a ton of horses. If you get the opportunafish, check out Lonar, a back-up in New Gods. Lonar had the best horse. ever. If you can't get a look-see, let me know, and I'll put that in the que, also. Keep watch'n. Most of my followers are artists, and many have said viewing this blog has actually enhanced their craft