Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Rich Corben

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  1. A nice sampling of early Corben covers and original pre-production pages you gave us here, on a wide range of Corben material.

    Back in 2006-2007, I completed my collection of Richard Corben underground work, only because of Ebay. Up till then, a lot of these books were near impossible to find.
    I'm hard pressed to say whether my favorite Corben stuff is his underground comics work from 1969-1972, his Warren magazine work from 1973-1982, his HEAVY METAL work from 1977-1985, or his Fantagor Press comics and graphic novels from the 1980's-1994. I'm less wild about his Marvel and DC work after that, but hey, that might be someone else's favorite Corben stuff.

    Plus the wraparound book covers and limited edition prints, and art books Corben did. He definitely contributed to the high end "Art" side of comics, along with other grandmasters like Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith, Michael Golden, Marshall Rogers, and John Bolton. He's definitely among those who elevated the standard of what was possible in comic art.