Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Pro Work by Jim Steranko

First image is Robert Culp on The Outer Limits with an amazing hand.  One of my favorite episodes, but a couple of years later I missed this comic (living in Nurnberg, Germany at the time).  I can sorta see Steranko art if I squint and spin around and con myself, but mainly this comic looks like it was ground out by the same group that did a lot of lame filler material at Tower around a few bright images by Wally Wood.  Definitely spotted a few George Tuska touches("eeewww!," as Jimmy Fallon might say).  The amazing part to me is how quickly we find Steranko at Marvel re-inventing Nick Fury AND comics in general


  1. Yeah I see Steranko's style in the hand but the last panel has ugh ugh Tuska all over it. I had that book too, back in the day.

    1. Normally, it breaks my heart when we no longer possess a classic that we once possessed, but I would have to group this with the first Punisher (in Spidey) and Wolverine (in Hulk) and console you by saying, "hey, bud, you ain't miss'n a thing"

  2. Er, I'm led to understand that the hand was the only Steranko contribution to the artwork shown.

  3. That actually makes more sense...thanks, B