Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Three More Unused Covers by Jack Kirby

Jimmy Olsen #147 (in which Supes goes to New Genesis and faces somebody stronger than himself!), X-Men #10 (so THIS is the real first appearance of Ka-zar), and Kobra #1 (even though they messed with much of the interior, this would've still been a great cover)


  1. I love seeing Kirby stuff I have not seen before. I have all the Jack Kirby Collector magazines but still this is unfamiliar.

  2. Lucky! I love finding Kirby I haven't seen before, and he was so prolific, even the Collector hasn't shown it all yet

  3. Very good stuff. Keep up the nice work.

  4. Man, for a series of only 15 issues by Kirby, I've seen at least 6 rejected covers Kirby did for JIMMY OLSEN. That had to really tick Kirby off.
    And if you look at the other unpublished Kirby material (that we know of !) recently collected in the DAYS OF THE MOB hardcover, the SPIRIT WORLD hardcover, and the more recent DINGBAT LOVE hardcover, plus rejected and omitted covers and interior pages from THE DEMON, FOREVER PEOPLE, the whole last SANDMAN 7 issue("The Seal Men's War on Santa Claus"), two complete stories that would have been DINGBATS 2 and 3, and on other titles, there's well over 200 pages of Kirby material that wasn't published by DC back then, that took up to 50 years to finally see print. And all that rejected material was up to 15 or 20 percent of the 1970-1976 work Kirby did for DC at that time.

    Again, that had to really tick Kirby off.