Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unpublished Hombres by Jim Steranko

Here's a coupla cowpokes I archived in 2002-first image is from Comic Art L, which I believe morphed into Comic Art Fans, but with slightly different members and/or images, and second image is from Area 51, which I think was Tony Robertson's first attempt at a Steranko web presence before the incredible blog Drawings of Steranko, which we now all know and love


  1. The image from Area 51 was scanned from STERANKO PORTFOLIO ONE. Later, the owner of the original art gave me a scan of the original which has a LOT more detail. It can be seen here:

    1. Thanks again, Tony! Your updated image is indeed rivet'n, and it's cool to see Steranko's advice on both drawings is consistent