Sunday, November 24, 2013

Airboy by Jim Steranko

Great art, and again Steranko does as much or more with his pencils as the finished work.  The print is called Avengers of the Killer Skies, and the comic cover is called The Return of Valkyrie, but I look at it and still think Airboy


  1. Do you have scans of all 6 pages Steranko contributed to "Comics Sketchbooks"?

  2. No, I wish I did. A seller had the pencils up with their ad---do you have them? If they're not lurk'n around Drawings of Steranko, and you can, please let me know

  3. I have the book. It is very thick and oversized and almost impossible to get good scans without taking the book apart. Some of the art has been posted at The Drawings of Steranko, but it wasn't scanned from the book. This is what is in the book.
    Planet of the Apes prelim (posted at Drawings)
    Airboy prelim (posted by you)
    Green Hornet prelim (posted by Drawings)
    Chandler drawing (unposted and new)
    One page with 4 drawings of the Horizon car (unposted and new)
    Dracula' head (you have posted similar drawings but this one seems more detailed)

  4. Thanks! Sounds like another book I should pick up

  5. Do you know who owns the original pencils?

  6. If not Steranko, I'm clueless, but Tony Robertson also commented on this piece, so he may know. His site is The Drawings of Steranko