Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barry Smith- Cartoonist and Illustrator Extrodinaire

Okay, the demons inside are yell'n why put all this up again (Seriously? Even after I was dubbed fun and repetitive by others?  Get a life, demons! ((Oh, yeah, that's probly what yer try'n to do)).  Let me expound.  The first scan is of the original cover, showing that all those adventures in the desert gave Conan quite a tan, that seemed to lose it's glow over time.  The third image is the Flash-type supe that Barry had for sale in the same mag, which is hardly ever seen anymore without a watermark (don't get me started on watermarks--okay, please do) or some other distortion.  The last image is a stretch for a tie-in, so let me explain.  Don't know why, don't know how, but I never knew until JUST NOW that supergraphics (ie Jim Steranko) produced the wonderful Cartoonists and Illustrators Portfolios.  This last print was also promo'd by Steranko (sans blood) in his wunnerful Mediascene

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