Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Marauder by Jack Kirby

The Marauder was one of millions of mercenaries who fought in the inter-dimensional war between the Old Gods, New Gods, Kree , Skrull, Celestials, and the Galactic Council for the Preservation of Life.  The very fact that he survived this brutal war made him very bitter by the time he fell to earth in our time measurement of 1970, and it took every hero from Marvel, DC, Charlton, and the Underground Comics to stop him....just josh'n ya!  I'm sure Kirby would've come up with a much cooler storyline, if anyone in 1986 had bothered to ask


  1. Hey cool pic- I was wondering where you found this?

  2. Dunnae remember last week, so when you ask about sumpn I posted four years ago...the clue of it coming up as a scanned image leads me to think Jack Kirby Quarterly, the British version of The Jack Kirby Collector