Thursday, November 7, 2013

"It'd be a miracle!," by Jack Kirby

There useta be a baby tee-shirt that just said Kaa-Kaa Happens.  Mister Miracle is more than just a take on Jim Steranko Escape Artist and/or the rich fulfillment of the Fourth World Pack.  "It'd be a miracle" goes back a century or so to our Americana panache.  Yeah, right, buddy, it'd be a miracle if that happens.  It'd be a miracle if the Denver Broncos ever win a superbowl, we useta say around here (they've won two and keep knock'n on the door).  Forget Kaa-Kaa Happens.  Miracles Happen.  Oh, yeah, almost as always, it's time to get large (embiggen)

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